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Industrial Gases

    1. Large/Middle Size Air Separation Plant
    2. Large/Middle Size Air Separation PlantIntroduction The large and middle size air separation plant is fit for medium gas company, steel plant, non-ferrous metal smelting plant, petrochemical company, glass factory, paper mill, coal power plant, shipbuilding factory and heavy machinery factory. It may serve as professional industrial oxygen and nitrogen generator, chemical oxygen generator, medical oxygen generator, etc. If you are running any of the above facilities, investing in our cost-effective, stable and durable plants is no doubt a wise choice. You ca
    1. Small Size Air Separation Plant
    2. Small Size Air Separation PlantIntroduction If you have a hard access to the local air supply, which is both expensive and unstable, try our small size air separation plant. It is fit for small gas company, ship recycling plant, small steel plant, or large hospital. With it, you can speed up investment recovery and get rid of supply headaches. It serves as laboratory nitrogen generator, industrial gas generator,medical oxygen generator, etc. Advantages This series adopts a skid-mounted design. The space occupation is small and the installation is

Cryogenic Air Separation Unit

We have more than 40 years of experience in design and manufacturing of cryogenic air separation unit. Through continuous study and innovation over the years, now we have mastered multiple production methods. The methods are integrated into a sound system for producing air separators, which can yield O2, N2 and Ar products with optimal efficiency and minimum consumption.

Our air separation plant comes in various specifications. They are widely adopted by steel plants, shipyards, refineries, processing factories, gas companies, and medical institutes. Our lines include:
1. cryogenic oxygen generator;
2. cryogenic high purity nitrogen generator;
3. cryogenic oxygen and nitrogen plant;
4. liquid air separation unit.

The purity of O2, N2 and Ar yields can be above 99.6%, 99.999%, 99.999% respectively.

We use world leading analysis and design software in the design. Our air separation plant achieves a capacity of 60000m3/h, and we are able to upgrade the number to be 80000-120000m3/h. As one of the largest O2 and N2 liquefaction equipment manufacturers in China, we are capable of producing 25-600T/d liquid air separation plant.

If you need a set of air separation plant, please advise us of your specific requirements and environmental parameters, so that we can make professional and customized quotations accordingly.