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    1. Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Tank
    2. Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic TankIntroduction Our vacuum insulated cryogenic tank is double-walled cylindrical vacuum tank with low thermal conductive perlite sand in between. The sand layer goes through vacuum treatment to reduce loss due to evaporation. The tank has two lower liquid inlet valves. While one is working, the other one stands by. So, even if one of them is damaged, the tank still works normally. This series of liquid gas tank includes LOX tank, LN2 tank, LAR storage tank, LCO2 storage tank, and LNG storage tank. In addition to t
    1. LPG Tank
    2. LPG TankIntroduction The LPG tank comes in two types: ground horizontal type and underground horizontal type. This liquid gas tank is a widely used LPG cylinder. The liquefied petroleum gas can be used for metal cutting, non-ferrous metal smelting, farm product roasting, industrial kiln burning, car fuel consumption, residential use, etc. So, the LPG tank plays an important role in the above areas. Technical Parameters Capacity: 5-300m3 Working pressure ≤ 1.6Mpa Working temperature ≤ 50 ℃ Design pressure (Mpa): 1.77Mpa
    1. Cryogenic Semi-trailer Tanker
    2. Cryogenic Semi-trailer TankerIntroduction The cryogenic semi-trailer tanker mainly consists of horizontal storage tank, half trailer chassis, operation box, cryogenic liquid pump, automatic compressor, flow hose and connection pieces between the tank and chassis. It is a necessary gas carrier in cryogenic liquid transportation. We have LO2 tanker, LN2 tanker, LAr tanker, LCO2 transport tanker, LNG semi trailer tanker, etc. They are all characterized by high security, big storage capacity, flexible use and good heat insulation. They can be equipped
    1. Mobile Cryogenic Tank
    2. Mobile Cryogenic TankIntroduction The mobile cryogenic tank integrates advantages of the liquid gas storage tank and the semi-trailer tanker. It is light in weight and compatible with various types of frames. So, it is easy to be fitted in any tanker frame. Also due to the light weight, it reduces the shipping costs. Advantages Customers can use the existing tanker frame. There is no need to find an extra, thus saving import duties and production costs. High transport efficiency saves efforts and resources. Due to its compact structu
    1. Cryogenic ISO Tank
    2. Cryogenic ISO TankIntroduction The cryogenic ISO tank is a globally standard cryogenic liquid tank. It is a pressure vessel installed within the fastened frame. It is suitable for both ocean transportation and inland transportation. Advantages As a liquid gas container, the ISO tank enjoys all the advantages of container transport - fast, reliable, affordable, beautiful and beneficial to the environment. It comes various specifications: 10 ft, 20 ft, 40 ft and non-standard types. Main Parameters 1. LOX, LN2, LAR ISO tank 20ft Descri

Cryogenic Liquid Storage Tank & Cryogenic Transport Trailer

The cryogenic liquid storage tank, as the name suggests, is a pressure vessel for cryogenic liquid storage. For a gas company, it is crucial because it contains all the fruits of labors of every production line. Evaporation of liquid in the tank means the loss of property.

With 40 years of experience, we are proficient in the manufacture of cryogenic liquid containers. We are the first to fill the space between two walls with perlite powder. Advanced cutting, welding, non-destructive testing techniques are adopted in the workmanship. Now we have about 500 pieces of storage tank and cryogenic transport trailer exported to all over the world every year.

Safe use of cryogenic liquid storage tank is a critical issue. Our professional technique and meticulous attitude keep the user away from danger and closer to wealth. The interlayer is filled with perlite sand and goes through vacuum treatment, so the tank endures higher pressure. We simplified operation steps in our design. The quality control is extremely rigorous. Every welding seam has to pass X-ray detection with parts perfectly fitted together for zero leakage. Safety valve and explosion proof set are also included to guarantee the security. Every finished vacuum tank goes through rigorous X-ray detection and vacuum test to ensure safe operation.

In addition to existing products, we can supply cryogenic liquid storage tank and cryogenic transport trailer with customized capacity and pressure ratings.

If you would like to ask for quotes, please let us know the following information, we will promptly provide you a quotation:
1. type of tank (vertical or horizontal), medium, volume, pressure
2. purpose of use
3. do you have specific requirements for manufacturing standards? If not, the design and manufacture will comply with Chinese GB standards.

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