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    1. Ambient Air Vaporizer
    2. Ambient Air VaporizerIntroduction When falling from 3-meter-high spot, hot water will be cooled down. This is because heat exchange occurs between the water and the air. Similarly, ambient air vaporizer makes use of the large temperature differences between the cryogenic liquid and the ambient air. The transfer efficiency is improved by increased fin numbers and expanded contact area with the air. So this cryogenic vaporizer achieves a rapid and complete vaporization. Advantages The ambient air vaporizer asks for no assistance from other
    1. WaterBath Vaporizer
    2. WaterBath VaporizerIntroduction The working principle of the water bath vaporizer is to complete the vaporization through heat exchange between hot water and cryogenic liquid gases. We have 3 types of this gas processing equipment: electric heating type, steam heating type and circulating water heating type. Advantages This series of water heated vaporizers is made of superior materials, with compact structure and small size. It is capable of long time efficient operation with extremely stable vaporization volume. It is safe, reliable an


The vaporizer is a kind of industrial gas equipment. Our company offers two types of it: 20-10000m3/h ambient air series and 500-100000m3/h water bath series. The installation, removal and operation are quite easy.

The ambient air vaporizer makes use of natural air convection to heat the cryogenic liquid, making it completely evaporate into gas. It is highly efficient heat exchange equipment that integrates both air exchange and heating features. This evaporator serves as an energy-efficient alternative to heating vaporization devices. It has thickened and strengthened fins, increasing the heat transfer area without the need for additional energy. It is our recommended product.

The water bath vaporizer adopts a heat exchange between hot water and cryogenic liquid gas, thus enabling gasification of cryogenic liquid gas. It features compact structure and small footprint. It is also easy to transport and operate.

Suitable medium: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid carbon dioxide, liquid argon, liquid natural gas, liquid petroleum gas, liquid ethylene, liquid ammonia, etc.