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Industrial Gases

    1. Gas Cylinder Filling Pump
    2. Gas Cylinder Filling PumpFeatures The gas cylinder filling pump features classical design and stable performance. The gas filling pump adopts high vacuum jacketed pump with little cold loss and reliable sealing effect. It is capable of 24-hour continuous operation and is also easy to maintain and repair. The life can be up to 20 years, a necessary choice to achieve high efficiency. Applications After years of development, we have become a one-stop supplier of cylinder filling pumps. Our gas pumps are widely used for filling light, medium,
    1. CO2 Cylinder Filling Pump
    2. CO2 Cylinder Filling PumpFeatures The CO2 cylinder filling pump adopts packing seal design, so it has longer service life. This gas filling pump is capable of quick pre-cooling, and dry ice is not easy to form. It is a solid stainless steel pump. Moreover, its structure is simple, so it is easy for maintenance. The machine is capable of a 24-hour continuous quiet running. It is a necessary choice to achieve high efficiency. Applications The CO2 cylinder filling pumpis especially suitable for filling liquid CO2 storage tanks. It is also
    1. High Flow Cryogenic Pump
    2. High Flow Cryogenic PumpFeatures The high flow cryogenic pump, as the name suggests, is a cryogenic pump of intermediate pressure and large flow. This piston pump adopts modular design with wide flow coverage. The design is simple, so it is easy for maintenance. The sealing structure is secure and reliable. Multiple configurations are available to improve security and automation of the pump. Application The high flow cryogenic pump is commonly used in the gas supply system of large and medium steel plants and chemical plants, for filling
    1. Five-Column Cryogenic Pump
    2. Five-Column Cryogenic PumpFeatures The five-column cryogenic pump adopts modular design with a wide flow range. The cryogenic liquid pump adopts simple design, so it is easy for maintenance. The sealing structure is safe and reliable. A variety of configurations improve the security and automation degree of the gas pump. Applications The five-column cryogenic pump is mainly used for extra-large steel factories, chemical plants, gas power plant, LNG peak-shaving station, and other extra-large gas supply systems. The suitable medium gases are liqu
    1. L-CNG Cylinder Filling Pump
    2. L-CNG Cylinder Filling PumpFeatures Our L-CNG cylinder filling pump is a high pressure pump dedicated for use in L-CNG stations. The suitable medium is liquefied natural gas. This cryogenic liquid pump has a high vacuum jacket to minimize cold loss. All the electrical parts meet explosion-proof requirements. The L-CNG cylinder filling pump has small outlet pressure pulse and stable motor load. The gearbox has independent lubricating system. It runs smoothly and has no abnormal heating. The bearing life is long. Various control components are
    1. Cryogenic Centrifugal Pump
    2. Cryogenic Centrifugal PumpFeatures The cryogenic centrifugal pump adopts a directly-connected style, which features structural simplicity. Pump spiral shell and impeller are made of high strength bronze alloy, thus guarantees a safe sealing and good durability in liquid oxygen. This cryopump adopts high strength centrifugal stainless steel shaft. The impeller passes static and dynamic balance and over speed experiment. The adjustable frequency speed motor widens the work range of the vacuum pump. The liquid inlet has flexible connection and liquid inlet filter. The inlet is stable with small vibration. Applications The cryogenic centrifugal pump is widely used in tank filling, tanker loading and cryogenic liquid delivery. Main Parameters 1. flow rate: 13~24m3/h 2. medium: liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon 3. lift: 60M; 90M; 130M  
    1. Cryogenic Submerged Pump for LNG
    2. Cryogenic Submerged Pump for LNGFeatures The cryogenic submerged pump for LNG has the pump body and motor completely submerged in medium liquid. This structure puts an end to liquid loss, and guarantees a quick start of the submersible pump. The vacuum heat-insulation jacket minimizes cold loss. The open and infiltrative design asks the lowest requirements on maintenance. The vertical style achieves more stable running and longer service life. Applications The adjustable frequency speed motor expanded the work range, so the cryogenic submerged pump is widely used by gas filling stations and LNG terminals, for cylinder filling and LNG delivery. The applicable gases are LNG, liquid nitrogen and liquid argon. Main Parameters 1. flow rate: 2-20 m3/h 2. lift: 30-300M  
    1. Refrigerator Pump
    2. Refrigerator PumpFeatures The refrigerator pump is a corrosion-resistantstainless steel pump. This freon pump can be filled with oil or water, freon and most corrosive liquids. The pump body is made of superior aluminum and stainless steel cylinder plunger. We offer appropriate sealing components based on different pressurized liquids. The refrigerator pump is the best choice for handling corrosive liquids. Main Parameters 1. flow rate: 0-10m3/h 2. max outlet pressure: 0.6-1.6Mpa 3. inlet and outlet pipe diameter: 50mm 4. temperature: -100℃

Cryogenic Pump

The cryogenic pump, short for cryogenic liquid pump, is the pump used in oil, air separation and chemical devices for transport of cryogenic liquids (LOX, LN, LAr, LPG, etc.). It moves cryogenic liquid from a low pressure spot to a high pressure one.

With development of air separation, the pump also becomes popular. It plays an irreplaceable role in air separation plant. For example, it is used for liquid circulation and compression. Due to excellent quality and easy maintenance, it is commonly found in metallurgical, chemical, communication, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, and other fields.

We have a complete range of cryogenic pumps. In 1998, we first developed the cryogenic liquid filling pump. Our business started from the gas cylinder filling pump, CO2 cylinder filling pump and cryogenic submerged pump for LNG. Then we launched the high flow series, five-column series, and centrifugal series. Thus we provide a more comprehensive range of products and services to customers.

We integrate advanced technologies and more than 40 years of manufacturing experience in our design. Now our product pioneers in the performance and diversity. In terms of maintenance and after-sales service, we also take the lead both at home and abroad. The suitable medium gases are O2, N2, H2, CO2 and LNG. The pump types are cylinder filling pump, transfer pump, submersible pump, and process pump. Related spare parts are available for all the above kinds.

The cryogenic pump serves as supporting equipment for air separation unit. It is exported to many Middle Eastern and Asian countries. The 35Mpa high-pressure liquid gas tanker pump is used in military and aerospace industry.

If you need a customized pump, please advise the following when sending an enquiry:
1. medium gas
2. flow rate
3. inlet pressure
4. outlet pressure