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    1. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning Machine
    2. Dry Ice Blast Cleaning MachineIntroduction Dry ice cleaning is first used for cleaning grease by the navy, and now it is widely adopted by many industries. The working principle of dry ice blast cleaning machine is similar to that of steel grit blasting, plastic sand blasting and soda blasting machines. In dry ice cleaning, the dry ice pellets are accelerated in high pressure air flow, and then ejected to blast the surface to be cleaned. The particle vaporizes and the momentum disappears instantly upon the blast. An agile heat exchange hap
    1. Dry Ice Making Machine
    2. Dry Ice Making MachineIntroduction We are committed to the research and production of the novel dry ice making machine which features low energy consumption, good appearance and operation simplicity. To meet diversified needs of customers at home and abroad, our experienced production team has created many kinds of special dry ice makers to make dry ice in various shapes (in particles or blocks). 1. Dry ice manufacturing process: LCO2 cryogenic storage tanks or dewar flasks (with hose connecting the outlet of tank and the inlet of dry

Dry Ice Machine

CO2 exists in large amount in the atmosphere, on average about 387ppm of air volume. People never stop the research on making use of them. Dry ice application is one of the uses, and dry ice machine rises to the occasion.

Our company is committed to the development, manufacturing, and promotion of dry ice making machines and dry ice blasting machines. Their quality has reached advanced level. Particularly in regard to dry ice making machine, now we have a number of independent intellectual property patents. Our dry ice machines are mainly applied to dry ice production and dry ice cleaning.