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Industrial Gases

    1. Diaphragm Compressor
    2. Diaphragm CompressorIntroduction The diaphragm compressor is a positive displacement compressor with a special structure. Its cylinder does not require lubrication and has good sealing performance. The compact medium is not in contact with any lubricant. In the compression process, there will be no risk of pollution. So the machine is qualified to compress gases with high purity. It is a variant of reciprocating compressor. Applications The diaphragm compressor is particularly suitable for compressing, transporting, and bottling precious and
    1. Piston Compressor
    2. Piston CompressorIntroduction Advanced technologies are embodied in our piston compressor. It is a reciprocating compressor with a piston in a reciprocating motion. The cylinder, valve and piston form a volume. By changing the volume, the piston compressor completes the compression process. The whole process can be divided into expansion, suction, compression and exhaustion steps. The machine is a common industrial compressor. Purchasing Guide We can supply the following piston compressors: 1. LNG Compressor 1. volume flow rate: 2-600m3/min

Gas Compressor

In gas industry, the gas compressor is a widely used mechanical device. As a leading manufacturer of air separation equipment, we provide the commonest two types of gas compressors: diaphragm compressor and piston compressor. Such types are characterized by high efficiency and compact structure. They are capable of continuous long time running, thus ensuring efficient production.