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Industrial Gases

    1. Industrial Gas Cylinder
    2. Industrial Gas CylinderIntroduction Our industrial gas cylinder has superior quality and the best price. Advanced processing equipment and method are adopted for a fine workmanship. Our high pressure gas cylinder, also called gas bottle, comes in small, medium and large sizes. The nominal working pressure is 8-35Mpa, and the engineering volume is 0.4-120L. The industrial gas cylinder is safe, reliable and durable. Because of its wide application and good practicability, it becomes a necessity for modern gas transport. This pressure vessel i
    1. Acetylene Cylinder
    2. Acetylene CylinderIntroduction The acetylene cylinder stores acetylene by dissolving it in acetone solvent. It is seamless cylindrical bottle made of superior carbon steel or low-alloy steel. The steel gas cylinder has porous fillers that are soaked with acetone inside it. So it serves as a reliable and secure acetylene bottle. The design, manufacture and testing all comply with GB11638 standards. The acetylene cylinder is widely used in cutting, welding, lighting, chemical analysis, military engineering and other fields. Main Parameters
    1. Dewar Flask
    2. Dewar FlaskIntroduction The face-to-face surfaces of the two walls of a Dewar flask are silver plated or polished to reduce heat radiation. The upper part or the neck of the inner wall is made of non-conductive materials to reduce heat transfer through solid materials. The Dewar bottle is widely used in liquefied gas production, storage, and transport. It also a vacuum-insulated container commonly found in scientific research, medical health care and oil drilling. Main Parameters Medium: liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid ar

Gas Cylinder & Dewar Flask

To better serve customers, we provide gas cylinder (including industrial gas cylinder and acetylene cylinder) and Dewar flask for a convenient one-stop purchase.

If you need to buy such cryogenic liquid containers as the gas cylinder and Dewar flask, please advise us of the liquid, volume, working pressure, quantity and other information, and then we will make quotation accordingly.