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About Us

Hangzhou Chuankong General Equipment Co.,Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sichuan Air Separation Plant Group Company-the second largest gas equipment producer in China.

Fossil and mineral resources vary with the situations in different countries and regions. But air resources are equally sufficient everywhere. In today's world of scientific progress, the air resource plays key roles in industrial production and daily life. Air separation products like oxygen, nitrogen,and argon are widely applied in steel and iron works, shipbuilding plant, smelting plant, manufacturing plant, gas company, medical business etc.

In the gas equipment field, we are proficient in both design and manufacture, enjoying a good reputation worldwide. By our consistent efforts, we turned the invisible air into visible brilliance. With 40 years of experience, we can provide customers with a complete range of products and the most professional services. Taking advantage of the group company structure, we have an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of market. Customers can get all they need at one-stop purchase.

We are proud to have an experienced and passionate elite team. We have always been a pioneer in the industry, to keep competitive in the world market. Our team will be constantly committed to exploring the gas field, providing customers with a variety of tailor-made solutions for air resource exploitation.