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The optimization of energy resource structure has taken place in the world, and environment protection is attracting increasingly more attention. LNG (liquefied natural gas) is regard as the cleanest energy worldwide. More and more countries tend to use LNG with respect to its cleanness.

Our company began to develop LNG plant as early as in 1980s. By now, we have provided about 30 sets of LNG separation plants. The technique includes expander process, MRC mixed cold process, etc.

Natural gas pre-treatment and purification system including:
1. Desulphurization decarbonization system
Process: (MDEA+MEA) mixed amine method
(MDEA+ activator) MDEA method
Software: AMSIM which is recognized by Chinese authorities
Results: CO2<50ppm, H2S<4ppm

2. Dehydrating system
Dehydration by using 4A molecular sieve
Process by using three towers (or two towers): less regenerative gas is needed; more stable in operation
Molecular sieve dryer: it is designed in accordance with GB150 and tested by fatigue analysis

3. Mercury removal system: 10ng/nm3
The sulfur-loaded activated carbon is used to adsorb mercury, which can be used for 3-5 years. It is one tower or two towers, no need for regeneration. A filter is set behind the mercury removal system.

4. Aromatic hydrocarbon and heavy hydrocarbon removal system
From heavy hydrocarbon separator in the cold box, the heavy hydricarbon is separated and then adsorbed by scrubbing solution. After that, it goes out from tower bottom, gets separated, and at last gets stored in the storage tank.

Main processes/methods used for natural gas liquefaction by LNG plant:
1) expansion refrigeration circulation
Nitrogen methane expansion or nitrogen double expansion with freon as pretreatment;
Mainly used for small type liquefaction plant with a capacity of 300,000 m3/day or below;
2) single mixed refrigerant circulation
It is divided into single stage throttling and multi stages throttling.
Liquefaction capacity: 300-2,000,000 m3/day
3) multi-refrigerant circulation
Mixed refrigerant circulation with propane as pretreatment; liquefaction capacity: 2,000-10,000,000 m3/day.
Multi mixed refrigerant circulation with propane as pretreatment and mixed refrigerant circulation by nitrogen expansion for supercooling; liquefaction capacity: 10,000,000 m3/day or above;

Only an elite team of experts from cryogenic, instrument and electronics fields is able to plan a perfect LNG plant project. In addition, the ability of processing and manufacturing must be supportive. Especially, the key technology and equipment, such as liquefaction cold boxes and tanks, are all necessary to fulfill the project. We are proud to have a strong design team as well as a manufacture team. With our rich experience, we are able to design, manufacture and install complete sets of natural gas liquefaction plant for different customers. We will help you to build your exclusive LNG plant, which is both reliable and energy-saving.

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