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Mobile Cryogenic Tank


The mobile cryogenic tank integrates advantages of the liquid gas storage tank and the semi-trailer tanker. It is light in weight and compatible with various types of frames. So, it is easy to be fitted in any tanker frame. Also due to the light weight, it reduces the shipping costs.

Customers can use the existing tanker frame. There is no need to find an extra, thus saving import duties and production costs. High transport efficiency saves efforts and resources. Due to its compact structure, small footprint, centralized control, easy maintenance and long life, the mobile tank maximizes the economic efficiency.

The mobile cryogenic tank is mainly used for the transport of cryogenic liquid O2, N2, Ar, CO2, etc. It is widely used in the gas industry, hospitals, metal smelters, and chemical plants.

Main Parameters
1. suitable medium: liquid Ar, liquid O2, liquid N2 and liquid CO2
2. working pressure: determined by the medium
3. working temperature: determined by the medium
4. effective capacity: 5-25 m3 (can be designed according to customer needs)

Purchasing Guide
If you would like to purchase our mobile cryogenic tank, please let us know the following information, we will promptly provide you a quotaion.
1. medium, volume, pressure
2. size of tanker chassis
3. do you have specific requirements for manufacturing standards? If not, the design and manufacture will comply with Chinese GB standards. 

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